Our Management Association is responsible for co-ordinating all questions, concerns, and issues from our homeowners. This process ensures that all issues receive consistent Board attention and response at our monthly meetings.


42427 Rancho Mirage Ln. | Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Tel:  760.862.1202 | Fax:  760.862.1210


Manager:   Michelle Mata                   Email:

Asst. Manager: Gabriela Torres          Email:

While Michelle and Gabby are your primary points of contact with Desert Management, you can also contact your Board of Directors with your ideas or suggestions on how we can make our community even better:


HOA 4 - Board of Directors ( as of June 3, 2020 )


President – Dean Duncan           - 68522 Calle Alcazar 

Vice Pres. – Dale Wershler         - 68728 Paseo Real 

  • Communications                    - email:

Treasurer -   Susan Preast          - 68725 Calle Denia 

Secretary  – Tess Tucker             - 68745 Calle Denia  

Director – Bob Marchi                  - 68517 Calle Alcazar 

OR...Send us a message:
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